About Ashley



Established in 2014.

Since babyhood I could always count on cuddling my best pet friends. Admiration & Passion has fueled my emergence into pet grooming 13 years ago at the age 20. My mission is to reflect the unconditional love pets radiate within my daily life back to them.  

After 10 years of working in mainstream dog grooming, she knew there had to be a better, more sustainable way to create  a healthier space for building a relationship with each animal.

By operating under THPS she can peacefully work with any animal according to there individual needs.  



I'm a dynamic All breeds Professional Certified Pet Groomer in the Austin,TX area. Gentle hands + a Patient demeanor Paired with House Call service = My Calm approach while Beautifying your Beloved Pet. I ONLY USE All NATURAL & ORGANIC products on your sensitive companions. I'm trained to recognize when a pet is in need of veterinarian attention for skin & ear infections among other health ailments. Happily, I assume the responsibility of being your pet's 1st line of defense in promoting optimal health.

Operating at Top Notch, I continuously seek out higher education by attending classes taught by the Leaders within the Grooming Industry. Abiding by the upmost Safety & Cleanliness standards while beautifying your pet. I aim to Empower Paw Parents by sharing my knowledge on the best approach to any pet health/grooming topic.